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About Blacklist Lookup

A website that has been flagged as a source of spam, viruses, malware, phishing or harmful online activity is said to be blacklisted.

If your site is blacklisted, you will certainly experience a decline in visitors' traffic (or zero traffic) with email services and malware/antivirus tools that utilize these blacklist databases. 

To prevent your site from being blacklisted, never engage in sending spam and  cautiously monitor your site backlinks, 


What is a Blacklist Lookup?

A blacklist lookup can help you find out if your site has been blacklisted.

It is recommended that you use this tool because backlisting restricts visitors from entering your site due to spam reports.

This blacklist lookup tool helps you easily and effectively discover if your site is already blacklisted, so you can seek to get it whitelisted to improve your brand reputation. 


How to Use Blacklist Lookup

Blacklist lookup can check if your IP address or domain has been classified as spam. Here's how to use it:

  • Input your domain name in the space provided. 
  • Click the "Submit" box. 


Is it important for SEO?

If your site is not fully optimized, it may poorly affect its search engine ranking.

Search engines typically use a wide range of blacklists, so it is essential to avoid engaging in behaviours that will get your site into one.

Ensure that your content is plagiarism-free and original, and never posts backlinks to sites that contain spam. 


Why is my Website Backlisted?

If your site is blacklisted, your visitors may find it difficult to access your IP address.

A blacklisted domain suggests that it has been flagged as spam, which can have negative consequences for your brand reputation. 

This blacklist lookup tool will help you find out if your URL or IP address is on the Domain Name System Blocklist (DNSB) database. 

The vast majority of malware, phishing and spam emails are routed from unfamiliar IP addresses or servers, enabling fraudsters and cybercriminals to mask their real identities.

If a certain amount of traffic emanates from a particular server in a short time frame, some 3rd-party services will ban your IP address.

If you encounter an Error-Destination Host Blacklisted message while sending an email, the main culprit could be an IP address blacklist. 

If anyone files a spam report against your domain/IP address or if your domain/IP address is flagged by error, your domain may be blacklisted.

Your domain might be erroneously blacklisted for plenty of reasons that include:

  • A user wrongly typed your IP address into their URL bar.
  • They confused your site for a scam version of another reputable site. 
  • Your DNS Record was compromised by an unscrupulous element.
  • Your visitors got malware from your site and ruined your IP's credibility and background.
  • A user filed a report against your site for harbouring malicious code. 
  • You infringed on someone's copyright and plagiarized their content on your website with no authorization.
  • A user spotted abusive or illegal content on your site and lodged a massive complaint against the IP addresses linked to those pages and content. (even when there’s no obvious relationship)


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