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Page Authority vs Domain Authority: Which is More Important?

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Page Authority vs Domain Authority: Which is More Important?

07/11/2022 12:00 AM by Harrison Acha in Seo

Authority is one of the most common SEO terminologies. Yet many website owners and enthusiasts are confused about its meaning and role.

Authority is an evaluative and reliable metric of a website that greatly influences its overall traffic, SERP ranking and popularity. 

SEO specialists pay attention to authority, from creating meaningful and user-friendly content to link building; the aim of these optimization efforts is to enhance the site's authority.

It is noteworthy that solely focusing on static, authority metrics won't effectively boost your site's traffic. Web owners must continue to provide contextual relevance in order to meet the search intent of online users. 

Nevertheless, authority is recognized as a very useful tool for finding out the general effectiveness of SEO initiatives or efforts. 

There are several metrics for measuring the strength of SEO initiatives.

For instance, there is organic traffic, referral domains, keyword rankings, on-page optimization scores and authority metrics (domain authority, page authority, trust metrics, etc.)

However, the most dominant conversation centers around "page authority vs domain authority: Which is more important?"

To clearly illustrate the place of authority in SEO, consider this example: Assuming you want to find out more about tax credits, you will most likely seek the advice of your tax attorney or a financial analyst.

They will definitely assist you with details about the whole subject. This shows that it is important to consult an authoritative source.

The exact scenario is applicable to websites; as your site becomes more prominent and recognized, it will build authority in a specific niche.

This is why improving trustworthiness in your site is key.

Google and other search engine platforms usually consider several factors when ranking your site or online pages.

Before we explore which authority metric is of greater relevance between domain authority and page authority, let's clarify how search engines measure site authority. 

How Do Search Engines Determine Website Authority?

As we earlier mentioned, search engines consider a wide variety of factors when measuring the authority of websites.

However, in this article, our central emphasis will be on links and content. The reason for this is that they are widely viewed as the bedrock of the site's authority. 



Search engines consider content as the most important component of a website.

This is why developing superior-quality, user-friendly and meaningful content is necessary to improve your site's visibility.

Creating content for the sake of it is a futile activity. Great content is insightful, impactful and engaging and has likely resulted from meticulous research, planning and strategy.

Having this type of content will undoubtedly improve your site's domain and page authority. Furthermore, the content has to have relevance that aligns with search queries. 

Search engine crawlers visit web pages to evaluate the content's layout (links, paragraphs, headings, images), wording (vocabulary, language, syntactic and grammatical structures) and other criteria to find out whether it is relevant to users.

After indexing the content, the crawler proceeds to check for external signals.

These two factors (i.e., content and external signals) combine to form the central baseline for measuring authority resulting in domain authority and page authority. 


Backlink Quality

The backlink can be easily explained as the way a site endorses or recommends another site through links.

In SEO circles, they are technically referred to as link juice or link equity. While low-quality links can detrimentally affect the authority of your site, high-quality links will boost your site's authority.

Links can also enhance your site's visibility on search result pages. 

If your site has a high page and domain authority, it's a good indicator that your site will rank well on search result pages. Link building plays a significant role in ensuring successful SEO performance.

If done effectively, it can strategically boost site authority. 

Let us find out the meaning of page authority and domain authority.


What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a metric that assists in measuring the quality, value, worth or profile of a website in relation to other websites.

It is more of a search engine ranking score than a ranking criterion. It was developed by Mom to analyze the chances a website has of being visible on search engine results pages. 

Domain authority is calculated on a 1 to 100 rating score, with 100 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. A higher score translates to improved odds of a site ranking on SERP.

There are several factors considered when measuring domain authority. This includes backlink quality and relevance of content. 


What is Page Authority?

Page authority works similar to domain authority.

It was also developed by Moz, and it employs the same 1 to 100 grading scale as domain authority.

Page authority is a metric that determines the performance of a specific web page on search result pages. If your web page has a higher page authority score than your competitors', it will outrank theirs.

Page authority differs from domain authority in that it measures the authority of a single/particular web page, not the site in general. 

Thus, the page authority score is vital for finding out the authority of specific web pages. It is also good for competitor analysis.

A good way to enhance your page quality is by adding quality backlinks and valuable content. 


How to Check the Domain Authority and Page Authority of a Website?

P-supertools offer a free, effective domain authority checker and page authority checker. You can use this to check the SEO performance of up to 20 websites or web pages. 

Cool, right?

To use any of the tools, simply input the website's URL (for the domain authority checker) or page URL (for the page authority checker), and you will get the result in seconds.

Also, the generated results are accurate and reliable. 


Fastest Ways to Improve the Domain Authority of your Website

Although it's nearly impossible to boost your domain authority score instantly, these strategies can enhance your ranking long-term:

  • Create plenty of superior-quality, engaging and valuable content on your site with consistent internal linking architecture. 
  • Focus on acquiring high-quality and relevant backlinks. 
  • Spammy or unfavorable links that point to your site should be eliminated. 
  • Exercise your patience; domain authority rises steadily.

With these strategies, you can gradually enhance your domain authority over time. 

Also, with a great domain authority score, all your web pages will experience corresponding improvements in the odds of ranking for relevant keywords. 


Best Ways to Improve page authority Score

Let's explore some strategies you can adopt to improve page authority:

  • Set up an online page on a high authority domain. 
  • Improve the relevance and authenticity of the content on a specific web page. Ensure it adds value to the reader.
  • Always update your page. Ensure the links and images are not broken. 
  • Add internal linking to the page content. 
  • Focus on acquiring high-quality and relevant backlinks.
  • Spammy or unfavorable links that point to your web page should be eliminated.

Do you recognize some of these strategies?  You should. 

Many of the strategies to improve domain authority also apply to page authority, although on a narrower scope. 

Furthermore, there is a sort of reciprocity between domain authority and page authority.

For instance, if you increase the quality of backlinks on web pages on your site, it will positively impact your domain authority, and improving your overall domain authority will enhance the page authority of your web pages. 

Page authority improves at a quicker rate than domain authority. This can be beneficial if you wish to see fast results while boosting your page's ranking on the search engine results page. 


Page Authority vs Domain Authority FAQs


Which is more important, page authority vs domain authority?

While both are crucial to your site's search visibility, it's advisable to pay more attention to domain authority. 


What is the importance of domain authority and page authority?

Domain authority and page authority are important metrics because they show which websites and pages have a better chance of ranking for a specific search query.

This helps web owners to update the relevance and quality of their web property. 


What is page authority, and what is its significance?

Page authority assesses the value or worth of a single web page. It is a metric that measures the possibility of an individual page ranking highly on the search engine result page.

Many SEO specialists use page authority to analyze the quality of sites. 


What is the most significant difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority?

Domain Authority evaluates the chances a website has of ranking on search result pages, while Page Authority focuses on individual web pages.

Improving your site's domain authority score will take up more time and resources than improving your page authority score.

However, it is more rewarding in the long term. 


Why is authority so vital in SEO?

From the perspective of search engine platforms, sites with more authority are influential and rank better in search engine results.

Since the goal of search engines is to deliver reliable and factual results to users, having a high authority score will improve your organic traffic. 


How do I improve my domain authority?

  • Acquire high-quality backlinks.

  • Create relevant, valuable and link-worthy content. 
  • Promote your content on social media. 
  • Ensure your site offers a positive user experience and an easily navigable structure.
  • Eliminate spammy and bad links from your sites. 
  • Exercise patience. 



In this article, we explored the meaning, difference, importance and strategies for improving domain authority and page authority. 

Both metrics are highly essential and are mutually inclusive. Thus, paying attention to each has its own reward. 

Assuming you have set up a new landing page for your site and urgently need new prospects, new signups or revenue, then it would be wise to concentrate on-page optimization as it will offer fast results. 

However, raising your domain authority has long-term benefits, so it's crucial to pay attention to that. 

As your domain authority rises, it boosts page authority for all your web pages on your website.


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