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9 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Turnitin Alternative 2022

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9 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Turnitin Alternative 2022

07/04/2022 12:00 AM by Harrison Acha in Seo, copywriting

Plagiarism Checker Turnitin Alternative

Plagiarism detection tool is necessary for all students, whether in high school or college.

This is because all forms of plagiarism are prohibited in academic writings.

Over the years, Turnitin has emerged as a widely used plagiarism checker, especially for school work. 

Turnitin is a plagiarism tool for professors, instructors and students. It lets professors analyze the coursework and homework of students for duplicated or plagiarized content.

It allocates a "similarity score", which gives an idea of how similar or identical a writing is with the ones in the Turnitin database.


Why Use Free Plagiarism Checker Turnitin Alternative 

While Turnitin is popular, it is not by any means a perfect plagiarism checker. It is riddled with so many technical problems.

If you check its user reviews on social media, you will realize there are usually complaints about glitches, bugs, website downtimes and unavailability, among other challenges that limit its efficiency and reliability. 

Another major flaw of Turnitin is the way it wrongly tags specific words that are regularly used together in writings as "copied".

Due to this situation, many teachers find it hard to correctly identify if the submission is indeed plagiarized or not. 

That is not all. Turnitin's "Similarity Score" is not entirely conclusive. Thus, teachers have to check the "Similarity Report" to find out if writing is plagiarized.

In reality, this is not truly the case. Many teachers skip the Similarity Report, dismissing writings with high Similarity Scores as plagiarized or copied, even in cases where citations or references are credited or acknowledged. 

Lastly, Turnitin is expensive. There are no subscription fees for individual or private use. You can only submit requests for a price quote to use the tool in an institution (school, college and research facility). 

To put it differently, if you are a lecturer, student or researcher and you need to assess a student's homework or your writing for plagiarism, Turnitin is not a viable solution. 

Even when you need Turnitin for your school or institution, you will have to contact the sales agent for a price quote.

The signing-up process is too stringent. You can't immediately set up an account and start utilizing the tool at once.

Turnitin does not even have a free membership or version. 

For those who want to review their paper for plagiarism, there's iThenticate, another product of Turnitin.

However, it comes at a super expensive cost and is not student-friendly. It is suited for researchers or academics. 

The good news is that there are better plagiarism checkers or free Turnitin alternatives for students and teachers. 


Free Plagiarism Checker Turnitin Alternative

Here are nine best Turnitin alternatives you can start using for free today:


1. Plagiarism Checker Pro 

This is perhaps the best free Plagiarism checker online. It instantly identifies if your content or writing is duplicated or copied and gives you an accurate report. 

The tool is entirely free to use and lets you review a thousand words at a go. Plagiarism Checker Pro can be used to check your writing and also those of others. 

Whether you are a blogger, content marketer, professor, student or researcher, Plagiarism Checker Pro is an easy solution to check if your content is plagiarized. 

It is engineered to discover similarities between your content and other existing ones. 

The tool is powered by a sophisticated repository system that helps draw comparisons between your content and millions of others across the internet. 

Plagiarism Checker Pro has plenty of benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • User-friendly.
  • Fast and Stress-free.
  • No payment, subscription or sign-in is required.
  • Compatible with mobile devices or PCs. 
  • All your data is completely anonymous and stored privately. 


2. Plagiarism Detector

Another zero-cost plagiarism checking tool is the Plagiarism Detector. It is popular with marketers and scriptwriters.

It comes with great benefits for anyone who wants their content to be free of duplication and plagiarism. 

The Plagiarism Detector helps you find out how original your content is. The website is optimized for site owners and online marketers.

So before the article's publication, it'd be wise to use a free tool like this.

According to the founder of the site, "it works the same way as Google". 

The tool was designed because of the need for an accurate, free plagiarism checker.

After a survey on customer needs, the developers put in place features to make the tool reliable and credible for all.


3. Check-Plagiarism

Check-plagiarism is a popular free plagiarism checker. It is utilized by lots of educators, college students and digital marketers.

Over the years, it has been the favourite of thousands because of its amazingly efficient way of identifying plagiarism in academic writings.  

Here are some of its features:


Quick and Efficient 

Check-Plagiarism will quickly review your writing online, comparing it with millions of online pages and sources.

The web tool allows you to check a maximum of 15,000 words without paying a dime. 


Data Protection and security

The tool does not download your data. Thus, you can be certain that your writings are protected and safe. Plagiarism reports are wiped away after you have exited the site. No trace of your content will be saved on their server. 


Multiple capabilities

With this tool, you can review five files at the same time. Whether they are docs, .txt, .pdf or .docx, you can put them up for comparison.

It will not in any way affect the accuracy of checking. 



Check-Plagiarism is built in a manner that allows users to simply understand if their writing is plagiarized or not. Users do not only get instant results but they are generated in clear, concise language. 


4. Plagiarismchecker.co

This is a free plagiarism checker that helps you find all traces of plagiarism in your writing.

Plagiarismchecker.co is designed using the most innovative technology to satisfy the needs of online users.

It gives you a very reliable plagiarism report, showing you the percentage of copied or duplicated content that is in your work. The reports are elegantly organized and easy to understand. 

Here are some benefits of this plagiarism checker:



This tool has been optimized to satisfy the needs of members of the academic community. So whether you work or study in a high school, college or educational institute, you'd have no problem using this tool.

Content writers and bloggers can also use the tool to get precise results. The plagiarism checker is easy to use, even for a 4th grader. 


It supports a wide variety of file formats

Whether you want to use the plagiarism checker for your doc file or TXT files, the tool is compatible with these file formats.

Alternatively, you can input a web page URL and review the site for plagiarized content. 



You don't have to worry about the security of your file. This tool will never share, archive or download your texts. 


5. PapersOwl

PapersOwl is another student-friendly, free plagiarism checker tool that provides an accurate and detailed report on the authenticity of your writing. It can help you discover how unique your content is. 

It is popular with students as it can help check plagiarism in their essays, term paper, thesis, academic projects and homework. 

Here are some benefits of PapersOwl's plagiarism checker tool: 


100% free

You won't be charged a cent for using this tool to review your writing as it understands the importance of plagiarism-free work. 


Secure and Timely

A major feature of this tool is that it is super-fast and highly secure. There are no delays or hiccups when analyzing your writing for plagiarism. 


Excellent review capabilities

Because it is free, there is no compromise on the quality. PapersOwl is equipped with the most innovative algorithms and technology to assist you in getting plagiarism-free papers. 


Easy to use

It is user-friendly and doesn't require any technical knowledge whatsoever. 


6. Unicheck

If you are looking for an easy, reliable, user-friendly and free plagiarism checker, then you need to try Unichecker.

This tool is fully secure and safe for your writing needs. 

Unicheck can help you become a more efficient and authentic writer. Its plagiarism checker is comprehensive, allowing you to perform a thorough similarity scan of your content with billions of web pages across the net.

A few months ago, Unicheck migrated to a cloud server, so you can be sure of consistent uptime, minimal interruptions and super speedy checks. 

The plagiarism result you'll get after performing the plagiarism check is detailed and easy to understand.

You will see an analysis of aggregate similarity scores, a widgetized collection of sources that have matched your content, identifying quotations, citations, similarities and references in your content.

You won't find any 404 error links or invalid or outdated sources. Unicheck strives to supply you with relevant data. 

The tool has an easy-to-navigate and updated interface, allowing the user to enjoy a seamless experience. This minimizes time wastefulness and confusion when checking reviewed texts. 


7. Writer's Plagiarism Checker

Writer's plagiarism checker is a free tool that helps identify plagiarized texts from academic papers, scholarly articles, media outlets, websites and publications online.

It is powered by artificial intelligence and other sophisticated technology that helps completely review your writing to ensure authenticity and zero plagiarism.

The tool is fantastic for professors, researchers, students, brands and copywriters. 

Some features of this plagiarism checker include:



The internet is home to billions of content. Using this tool, you can be confident that no one will say you have plagiarized someone else's work.

It ensures your content does not bear semblance or match other texts online. 


Go further than checking plagiarism

Review your content for spelling errors, stylistic appropriateness, grammatical accuracy and a lot more. Pay attention to how you express your ideas. Writers will help you flow efficiently. 


Safe to use

The tool is also 100% secure and trustworthy. You can be sure that complete confidentiality is guaranteed. 


8. EduBirdie's Plagiarism Checker

This is another efficient, free plagiarism checking tool; it also doubles as a grammar checker. Thus, you will fill two needs with one deed.

Because rectifying plagiarized texts often results in grammatical errors, this tool is highly recommended for every writer or student.

Here are some important features of EduBirdie Plagiarism Checker:

  • The grammar tool shows you areas of immediate attention so you can make corrections where necessary. 
  • It also comes with anti-deceptive features, enabling you to identify typographical errors and misplaced characters present in your writing. 
  • It reviews your writings through major search engines to earmark high similarity scores. 
  • The plagiarism checker supplies an accurate report and emphasizes areas of concern that need to be rectified.
  • You can still recheck and re-edit grammatical errors after the plagiarism checker tool has performed its analysis. 
  • Your data is not saved on the server, so the privacy of your writing is fully respected. 
  • The grammar checker will optimize the style, tone and vocabulary of your writing, fixing errors and ensuring your ideas are sound. 


9. Citation Machine

Citation Machine is a widely used plagiarism checker. It is optimized for academic use. Hence, the name "citation".

It also has a feature that helps you check for grammatical inaccuracies. 

You can freely upload your writing and check it for plagiarism and also get quick typo and grammar feedback.

Everything happens in less than five clicks, and you'll get detailed results.

You will not only get to find out if your text is plagiarism, but you will also get insight into whether a verb was used correctly or if tenses are wrongly placed. 

This tool is free, easy to use and very effective. It helps you create original, grammatically accurate and structured writing.


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Best Free Plagiarism Checker Turnitin Alternative FAQs


Why are free plagiarism checkers important?

Free plagiarism checkers help you identify whether your articles, paper, thesis, or writing is plagiarized or not.

They will ensure your work is authentic and original. The best thing is that they are free to use and do not require any sign-ups or registration. 

In academic and business circles, plagiarism can ruin your reputation and is known to be an act of dishonesty.

Free plagiarism checkers ensure your writing is not similar to any source online. 


Why is plagiarized content bad for SEO?

If you are a site owner or blogger planning to climb to the top of Google's search engine results page, it's advisable to stay away from plagiarized content. Google values websites with unique content.

Use free plagiarism checkers to find out if your writing is original, as it helps you boost traffic to your site. 


Is Turnitin free to use?

False. Turnitin is not a free plagiarism checking tool. Users have to purchase credits or a license to use the platform. It's impossible to use Turnitin without making payments or subscriptions. 



If you ask, "what is the best free plagiarism checker alternative to Turnitin"? We highly suggest Plagiarism Checker Pro as it has the most diverse range of features.

However, all the tools listed in this article are free, intuitive and safe.

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