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How to Rank a New Website on Google Faster 2023

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How to Rank a New Website on Google Faster 2023

07/02/2022 12:00 AM by Harrison Acha in Seo

If you're working on building a new website, then you know that ranking on Google is hard.

And once you get to page 1, it's even harder to stay there. Ranking takes time and effort, which means that if you want to rank for your keywords, you need to be patient.

If you're wondering how long it takes to rank a new website on Google, then you need to know how the algorithm works. And while we don't know exactly what it takes to rank, we do know how it works.

So in this article, we're going to break down the steps you need to take to rank a new website.

We'll go over all the things you need to do to get your new website ranked, so you can start to see results fast.


Types of SEO?

There are two types of SEOs: technical SEO and content SEO.


Technical SEO

This is concerned with issues related to the structure of your site, including issues like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and page speed.


Content SEO

This focuses on the quality of your pages and is mainly concerned with writing high-quality and useful content.

Google's PageRank algorithm is based on these factors, and it uses them to decide whether a particular page is relevant to a search query.

Generally, the higher your PageRank score, the more highly ranked your site on Google.

Google measures page performance in two ways: speed and conversion rate. Pages with faster load speeds tend to have higher conversion rates.


How Long Does it Take to Rank a New Website on Google?

The process of optimizing a website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) takes time, but you can start to see results within the first few months.

Ranking on Google is a long process, but if done correctly, you can see results in less than 6 months.

how long does it take a new website to rank?

How to Rank a New Website on Google Faster

There are several factors that determine the ranking of a web page on search engines.

Today we'll dig deep into what you can do to get your new niche site to rank on the first pages of popular search engines in one week or less.

You might think that once your website gets indexed by Google, the search engine giant will be done with you.

However, this is not the case. Google is a constantly changing beast, and they are always adding new features and ways to rank websites. So it's important to keep up with these changes.

Without any further ado, let's dive into how you can quickly rank a new website on page #1 of Google SERP.


Get Rid of Blockages

If you are having trouble getting your website to appear in search results, you may have a robots.txt file that is preventing search bots from crawling your website.

You can remove this file and see if your website starts appearing in search results again.

This is an easy way to check if your website is accessible to search engine spiders. You can also use Google Index Checker to make sure that crawlers have access to your website and the pages currently indexed on Google.

If you’re not sure whether or not your website is blocking Google’s crawler, the Search Console has a Robots.txt tester.

Txt file allows the crawling of the site properly.

A common example is if you have a WordPress blog. There is a setting on the WordPress dashboard that can make it so search engines do not show up on your website.

Go to Settings >> Reading on your WordPress Dashboard and uncheck the box that says "Discourage search engines from indexing this site".

Once you have successfully removed these barriers that can prevent your site from ranking, you can proceed to the next steps.


Carry Out Technical SEO Checklist

Any new site can rank high on SERP if its technical optimization is in place.

A successful search engine optimization plan includes more than just a good keyword strategy. Without a solid foundation of on-site SEO, your off-site efforts will be pointless.

Imagine the difference between a car and a beautiful, sporty, and elegant piece of machinery, but with a clunky, slow, and underperforming engine.

SEO has always been important but today it's more important than ever to get your site noticed by search engines so that people can find your content when they search for something related to your niche.

We use technical SEO techniques for search engine optimization. Technical SEO deals mainly with server-side optimizations.

It ensures that the technical boxes are properly checked to make sure the website is crawling and indexing by search engine spiders.

The several elements that make up technical SEO. They include:

  • XML sitemap
  • Structured data (or markup)
  • Site speed optimization
  • Site architecture
  • Site accessibility and navigation
  • Semantic page mark-up (Using the HTML like H1, H2, H3 and so on)
  • Removing duplicate content
  • Proper internal links
  • Redirects
  • Optimized URL structure
  • Mobile optimization
  • Meta tags
  • Getting rid of error pages or dead links
  • Canonicalization

If you improve these technical aspects, your search engine visibility will improve, your site will load faster, and your user experience will be better for both users and search engines.

Your new site could be rewarded with higher rankings and even rich snippets results if you get the search engine working correctly.


Send Some Powerful Ranking Juice

There are two types of links in SEO; Nofollow and Dofollow links.

A nofollow links are links that have a rel=nofollow HTML tag attributed to them, where rel stands for relationship. Basically, this instructs search engines not to follow a particular link. Hence, it will not affect search rankings as SEO juice is not passed.

A dofollow link on the other hand lets search engine spiders follow a particular link. This means that search engines will continue crawling to these other pages linked.

All content management system by default registers all link as dofollow except modified either manually or automatically. 

Link Juice are the PageRank passed from a dofollow link. This term is commonly used in SEO communities.

All link juice is not passed equally. The higher the Page Authority (PA) sending the link juice the more beneficial it is to the other site.

It is a very important rank factor used by Google as it a vote that a particular page is valuable.

If you want to get your new website discovered faster by Google, get high PA dofollow links. This will help your website index faster.

As a rule of thumb, always get dofollow links from sites with higher domain authority (DA) than yours.

The common ways to get dofollow links are:

  • Guest post
  • Outreach
  • Creating high-quality content that naturally attracts backlinks.

Let's look at the next step which is creating relevant and valuable content to quickly boost your website ranking.


Write High-Quality Content

Creating content that ranks well takes work. It's not just about throwing out a bunch of keywords into your articles, it's about creating content that has substance so that it will rank high for relevant keywords.

If you want to rank well for your keywords, you'll want to write about topics that people are searching for.

Perhaps you're selling something, you'll want to talk about the benefits of that product.

I've seen so many articles and tutorials that are so poorly written and don't really add any value to their readers. You should always make sure that the information you share is helpful, unique, and well-written.

When it comes to SEO, it's important to optimize each content for first-page ranking.

It is the faster way to get noticed by Google and get your new site indexed faster.

Make sure to write on low competition and long-tail keywords as your site is still new and might not be able to compete with already established sites.

You can use longtail keyword suggestion tools to guide you, making sure that your content gets to page #1.

Some of the types of content you can write about include:

  • Listicles
  • How-to posts
  • Ultimate guides etc.

The length of the content also matters. You should not expect to outrank a site with 1500 words with 300 words of content.

Make sure you don't add fluffs to the content. Super quality content will always win.

Other content best practices to include are:

  • Have your keyword in HI, H2, H3 and the body of the content.
  • Internal & external links
  • Image optimization (with your keyword as alt-text)
  • Longtail keywords and keyword variation.

Note: Always do your keyword research before writing any content.


How to Rank a New Website on Google Faster FAQs


How long does it take a new website to rank on Google?

According to multiple sources, the average time needed for a new website to rank on Google by optimization (SEO) techniques is about 3 to 6 months.

That’s right – it can take anywhere from 90-180 days to move to the top of Google’s search result pages.

It all depends on how competitive your niche and your chosen keywords are.


How can I rank a new website fast?

To rank a new website fast, make sure to remove all blockers that may prevent crawlers from accessing your site, optimize for both on-page and off-page SEO, and create rank-worthy content.


Why is my website not ranking on Google?

If your website is new, you may be under the Google sandbox which is usually between 6-12 months duration. 

However, your site was ranking before and stopped ranking overnight, it could be a recent core algorithm update or your site has been penalized by Google.


Is WordPress bad for SEO?

WordPress is not bad for SEO. In fact, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS that is easy to use without much technical skill required.


Why does my website rank so low?

Your site may rank so low if you're targeting competitive keywords. Make sure to write on low competitive keywords to increase your ranking and also interlink properly and follow best practices to build backlinks.





Ranking a new website on Google faster does not have to be super hard. Once you follow the best practices, Google will reward you with traffic.

We've created a step-by-step process that anyone can follow, and that doesn't require any special skills or special knowledge.

This is what we've been doing for years and we're happy to share our experience with you.

We've developed a set of incredibly easy-to-use free SEO tools that will help you get your website ranked on page one for any keyword in any niche.

Make sure to check it out.


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