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About Domain Authority Checker

If you plan to list your webpage on another website or engage in backlink building, what's the best way to find out which domain is authoritative or reputable?

Then again, there are more than 2 billion web pages online. 

Thus, a rating mechanism exists to fulfil this need. It is called the "MOZ Domain Authority".

All websites have different quality. Some have bigger influence and credibility than others. While some are making progress.

Some have existed online for decades, consistently gaining the trust of users. Some were created last month. 

This mismatch between websites has led to a rating scale. The rating system is currently regarded as the "Domain Authority".


What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a rating designed by MOZ.com that signifies the quality and usefulness of a website in a niche or field.

It's a rating scale that starts from 0 (as the lowest) to 100 (as the highest) and accurately estimates your website performance on the search engine result page.

Many reputable, popular websites have better domain authority scores. 

Please note that page authority is not the same as domain authority.  Don't get it confused. 

Domain authority checks the potential of an entire website or domain to rank. Page authority checks how well a web page will rank. 


Domain Authority Checker Tool

Competent marketers regularly track and update their site's authority to improve web traffic and their search engine page ranking.

They also keep tabs on their competitor's DA to strategize and "up" their games. 

Domain Authority Checker is among the most effective and widely used tools online for finding out a website's DA.

The tool is easily navigable and easy to use. It will show the most accurate website's DA.

It is designed using a highly effective platform that can instantly evaluate the quality and health of the URL and the potential of your website to perform well in search engine results. 


The Importance of Website Domain Authority Checker

Domain authority checker is highly beneficial and functional compared to other tools around. It is also free to use. 

Yearly, some online marketers budget thousands of dollars just to find out their domain authority. 

The tool is user-friendly, effective and reliable. Several top brands online utilize this free domain authority checker regularly.

Another unique benefit of this domain authority tool is that it does not only showcase your site's DA score.

It reveals your site's page authority and allows you to find important backlinks' DA scores. This will give you a more conclusive analysis than other similar tools online. 

For users who want to find domain authority scores from multiple sites, our tool can give you insight into the DA score of 20 links simultaneously.

It is also free to use. 


How to Use Our Domain Authority Checker

To use the domain authority checker tool, enter up to 20 links, then click “submit”.

After a few seconds, you’ll be shown the result of the link and the status. This will give you access to accurate metrics about your domain authority score. 

If you have any questions, suggestions or issues using the rewriting tool, we are very much open to hearing from you. Kindly contact us via our technical support email.