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A domain name is a website name readable by humans. For example, the domain name of Google is When you type google into your browser, the browser will find a matching IP address for

An IP address is simply a unique digit allocated to every computer connected to the Internet. The IP address can be found on your computer or router.

With our Domain into IP tool, you can convert any domain into an IP address.


What is IP Address?

A website that has an IP address is like a house. When you buy a house, you don't go to the house directly. Instead, you go to the realtor, and they tell you where the house is.

Similarly, when you visit a website, you first have to get there through your internet service provider. They then pass along the information to the website you want to visit.

The internet is made up of many different components. When you connect to the internet via any device, your IP address identifies you. Your IP address is a unique number that is assigned to you when you connect to the internet.

It is the same number used to identify your computer, and it is also the same number used when you connect to websites and online services. If you want to have a website, you need to know your IP address.

IP addresses are used by computers to identify themselves. A computer identifies itself with an IP address. There are four parts to the IP address. They are separated by periods. Each part can be one to three digits long.

The Internet is a global system of networks and computers that allow the free exchange of information.

The World Wide Web is a part of the Internet and is a collection of documents that are connected to each other through hyperlinks. This document was created using the HyperText Markup Language (HTML).

IPV6 is the next-generation Internet Protocol. It is designed to replace IPv4 which is the current Internet protocol used by most of the world's computers and devices.

As we know, the number of IPv4 addresses is reaching its end soon, so a new protocol is needed to accommodate the growing number of devices.


Static versus Dynamic IP Address

Static and Dynamic are the two classes of IP addresses that can be assigned to a computer.

A Static IP address remains the same. It never changes. But a dynamic address changes over time.

When a Web host company purchases a group of dynamic addresses, they use those dynamic addresses over a specific period of time and then move to another.

The static IP address reveals so much information about a computer, including where it is located, its country, and its region.

However, the IP address of a site may not always be a perfect representation of the true owner.

Why this is true is because a company located in Switzerland may have a static IP address on a web hosting service provider staged in the United States.

This is the IP address that will be revealed when an IP lookup is conducted. Most established organizations and Government parastatals prefer the static IP address to the dynamic IP address. 

Dynamic IP addresses are collections of exchangeable IP addresses.

There are several different types of internet service providers, and all of them have a reservoir of addresses.

It’s more affordable to share a dynamic IP address than it is to purchase a static IP address.

Hackers are better able to hack static IP addresses because the address of a domain never changes.

If someone wants to hack a dynamic address they could have a different domain than the one that’s linked to the IP address.


How to Use Our Domain into IP Converter

It is pretty easy to use our domain into IP tool without being. tech-savvy.

All you have to do is enter the target domain in the ''Enter a UR'' box and hit the Submit button.

Wait for a few seconds for our intelligent free domain into IP converter to return the result.

You will find the IP Address, Country and ISP.


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