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About Find DNS records

There are over a billion websites that exist and function online.

Across the world, there are web servers responsible for hosting and managing these websites.

For you to locate a specific website and pinpoint its host, you will need a directory. Without a directory, it would be highly impossible to discover a website.

Domain Name System (DNS, for short) is the world's most extensive online database.

This database is made up of data that form a record of all the websites in the world. Websites that exist online have an IP address which is like an online address code.

DNS contains the website's domain name together with a record of its IP address.

DNS records are files that contain data which enables a web server to act on a query from a browser. 


DNS Records Details 

In this context, DNS records are referred to as "mapping files".

Through a web server, a user submits a request to access a given website; this user request is forwarded to the DNS database.

The role of the database is to scan its records, identify the website's IP address and deliver it to the server making the request.

Immediately after obtaining this information, the web server utilizes the IP address to access the website for the user who made the request.

There's also a DNS syntax which is the characters related to the DNS Records. Popular examples of this include A, CNAME, PTR, AAAA, SOA, NAPTR, NS, SRV and TXT. 


How to Use the Find DNS Records Tool

To retrieve a DNS record of any domain, you will require a tool that can retrieve and showcase it to you.

Thus, navigate to from your web browser, navigate to the list of tools and click on "Find DNS records".

Alternatively, you can access the tool immediately by typing in (or copy/paste) in your browser URL. 

As soon as you enter the site, input the domain name of the specific website that you wish to retrieve its DNS records.

Click "submit". In a matter of seconds, you will access the domain's DNS records. Then you can go through all the data in the DNS records of that domain.

It will contain data like host, class, TTL (time to live) and type (whether it is SOA, MX, TXT or NS). 

All these data found in the DNS records are highly beneficial in finding out the settings in which a domain functions and the factors relevant to it. 


Why Find DNS Record Tool is Important for SEO

Finding and reviewing DNS records is highly crucial for SEO and website admins.

Before you choose any web hosting service, you'll want to find out the IP address of your website and any other auxiliary services offered to your domain.

If your internet connection is sluggish, you can get in touch with your web hosting provider to rectify it.

No website can exist without any DNS records registered in the DNS database. The database saves all the crucial information about a website.


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