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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

You can easily check your reverse IP domain using our free tool. To simply describe it, a reverse IP domain checker tool will display other domains sharing the same server as your site. 

By simply inputting your competitor's domain name or IP address, you can learn a lot about the hosting service they use. You can also find out the number of computers sharing your IP address if you want to find details about your hosting service provider. 


Importance of IP Domain Checks

Reverse IP domain checks are important for plenty of reasons. For instance: 

  • Your customers may complain about the latency problems they face while trying to access your site. 
  • Your customer's emails are flagged as spam.
  • Your web browser has identified malware and has put across a notice. 
  • You want to safeguard your servers against spam and malware. 
  • Your area may be riddled with poor network connections. 

If your site speed is sluggish and your customers are unhappy, you may need to change your hosting service or acquire a static address server for your site. 

Malware can be transmitted across different networks via fake IP addresses, leading to your domain network being compromised. This signifies that your web hosting service is slow to update and guard your network against these malicious invaders. 

The email associated with your hosting service may be flagging your customer's email as spam.

When this happens, you may need to let your hosting provider know that these emails from your customers shouldn't be flagged as spam. A reverse IP domain checker is important because it inspects your customer's domain and ascertains if it has been flagged as "bad" by Google and other reputable search engines. 

If you are an email server administrator, one of your main tasks will be to safeguard it against malware and spam. You also need to make sure that your customer's emails are not being restricted while protecting your server.

Some spam filtering tools can do this.

You may occasionally receive notifications from search engines if your domain is located in a poor-network area. This might suggest that malware is currently spreading through your network or has compromised your hosting service. 


Why is it Important to Check The Reverse IP Domain?

New sites are being launched every day online. In fact, over 100 sites are created per minute. This shows how competitive the online space is. Optimising your site for search engines becomes even more critical as websites compete to rank. 

Reverse IP Domain check helps site owners understand their neighbourhood. This is especially important for sites on shared hosting servers because every neighbourhood consists of good and bad neighbours, all on the same server as your site. 

If you share an IP address with a site that has been flagged as spam or has illicit or banned content, it can affect your site's SEO and lead to poor site ranking.

With the reverse IP domain checker, you can effectively and properly check for websites that share the same IP address or hosting server as your site. The tool goes through your site, checks for the IP address or server associated with it, and then scan the other domains connected to your IP address/server. 

Input the domain name into the box provided, wait for a few seconds, and the tool will accurately generate a list of domain names connected to the hosting server or IP addresses 


How to Use Our Reverse IP Domain Checker

It is pretty easy to use our free Reverse IP Domain Checker. Simply paste or enter the URL in the box provided and hit the Submit button.

Wait for a few minutes and our intelligent Reverse IP Domain Checker will report the result of your check.


If you have any questions, suggestions or issues using the rewriting tool, we are very much open to hearing from you. Kindly contact us via our technical support email.