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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code to Text Ratio Checker is a powerful tool you can use to improve your website performance.

Code to text ratio describes the amount of visual text on a given web page. This Code to Text Ratio Checker generates the ratio or content level of a page using HTML code and text.

This is exactly the way crawlers and search engines assess which page is valuable or not. 


What Does The Code To Text Ratio Mean? 

The code to text ratio is defined as the quantity of text that is available on a specific web page.

The code is regarded as the HTML code structured in a web page. A greater text to HTML ratio signals a richer user experience. 

Your site has a better chance of getting to the top of the search engine results page if it has a high text to code ratio.

The fact remains that most search engines utilize code to text ratio in ranking websites, so it puts you one or two steps ahead of your competition. 

However, embedding too much HTML code can bloat your web page, causing a slow load time for anyone who wants to access your site.

Thus, it will negatively impact your user experience because 80% of online visitors are frustrated by sites that are slow to load. 

This forms the main reason why we designed this Code to Text Ratio Checker. So anyone can easily find out their content ratio. 


How Do I Use The Code To Text Ratio Checker?

We aim to equip you with the most effective tool for improving the performance of your website, and among them is the Code to Text Ratio Checker. 

Our experts designed this tool to help website administrators, SEO experts and website owners check their code to text ratio in a convenient and efficient manner.

All you have to do is type in the URL of a given web page and select "submit". This tool will analyze your query and will display accurate results instantly.

Using this code to text ratio checker tool will give you insight into the following: 

  • Text content size
  • Total HTML size


Why is Code to Text Ratio Checker important for SEO?

The Code to Text Ratio Checker can help you gain insight into one of the factors utilized by search engines to assess your web page relevance.

A higher code to text ratio improves the likelihood of getting a better page ranking on the search engine results page. 

Currently, the vast majority of search engines utilize the text to code ratio in their processes.

This is the reason why you should pay attention to this factor. 

Most SEO specialists highlight code to text ratio as among the essential parameters for site performance.

Another important factor for web page rank is relevance. So ensure that your site content matches its headings because search engines consider this.

To use this tool, all you have to do is enter the URL in the space provided and click “submit”.


If you have any questions, suggestions or issues using the rewriting tool, we are very much open to hearing from you. Kindly contact us via our technical support email.