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About Page Size Checker


A fast-loading website has better performance than a slow site. If your site is slow, it may have a higher bounce rate.

Our page size checker is a user-friendly and effective tool that analyzes your site's page size. By using the tool, you'll see the size of your webpage in kilobytes. 

It's important that you have an idea of what your website's ideal size ought to be. A website under a 3 MB average page size will perform better and have a faster loading speed.

However, if a website page size is more than 3MB, it will experience high bounce rates and poor traffic.

To enable your site to load faster, you have first to carry out a website size test using this page size checker and analyze your domain size.

If the review shows that the size of your website exceeds 3MB, it means you have to improve your site's design, layout, default home page size and the dimensions of your site's display.


About Page Size Checker

Page size checker is a powerful tool that shows your site's average page size. All that is required is to copy/paste the site URL, and the tool will instantly reveal the webpage size. 

It is almost impossible to find your webpage size manually. This is why you need a Page size checker. 

We are cognizant of the fact that most online businesses run on a shoestring budget and may want to conserve time, energy and resources.

This tool aims to cut costs and give you the convenience that will ease your business deserves. This tool functions efficiently. It will deliver immediate results once you have provided the URL you want to check the page size of. 


How do You Use the Website Page Size Checker?

Our tool is super-effective at checking the page size of your website.

If you want an accurate estimation of your website's total site, our page size checker is the easiest tool you can use to do that. 

Just copy/paste (or type) the URL of the site you wish to check into the space provided and select the "check" option. Instantly, you will see the result of your page size in KB. 


Is Website Page Size Important?

Bigger doesn't translate to superiority when it comes to site sizes. 


Small-sized web pages are faster to load for visitors who access them online. Webpage sizes are measured by the size of files. It is not related to the length or height of what is shown on the screen.


Does Size Affect Site Performance in Any Way?

Absolutely. Web page size is essential for speed, debugging, and website assessment.

For modern broadband connections, the source code size is seen as more critical than the content.

If your page size is too big, it may cause delays or lags by decelerating your site visitor's download times. 


If you have any questions, suggestions or issues using the rewriting tool, we are very much open to hearing from you. Kindly contact us via our technical support email.